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International Human Rights Day was celebrated at ISBM University


International Human Rights Day was celebrated at ISBM University campus. On this occasion, the tribal tribute was given to the region's first freedom fighters, Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh and famous writer Pt Shyamlal Chaturvedi. Student Deoraj Nayak B.A First year and Mahendra Yadav B.A  second year held its own in relation to human rights. Dr. Bhupendra Kumar Sahu, the Head of the Department of Arts Facilitator, organized the program, welcoming all professors and students present in the program and explained the historical background of international human rights Magnetara. Also mentioning human rights declared by the United Nations on December 10, 1948, citing the massacre and human rights abuses during the First and Second World War. Pro. Pritam Sahu said that human rights are essential for the development of the person's personality; in this episode, while paying homage to the works of Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh, Veer Narayan Singh opposed Zulmo of the British rule and the rights of the rural exploiters They were martyrs while protecting. Pro. Diamond Sahu presented human rights as essential for human life and paid homage while remembering the works of Padmashree Shree Shyamlal Chaturvedi, honored by Padma Shri as the famous literary journalist and social activist of the zone. Pro. The President of Arjun Singh Chauhan said that the demand for human rights has arisen against the world's monarchy system, which the United Nations has implemented and implemented. Pro. Dr. V. Verma, Head of Department of Science Studies, said that it is necessary to understand human rights that every human being understands and treats human qualities of oneself. Dr. Piyush Mehta inspired the positive use of human rights. Successful operation of the program by the student Keshav Dhruva, Baleshwari Tandon has forgotten "Why human beings, everyone is the work of the soil. Nirbhaya shadow of everything, none has come here, special boon has been forgotten, why did people forget? Human rights were highlighted by expressing gratitude to the hierarchical lines, K. Pilleshwari, Tulsi and Bharati presented Saraswati Vandana and welcome songs on this occasion. University Professor Garima Diwan, Supriya Chandrakar, Girisha Acharya, Vimala Sona, Hemant Kumar, Bhupesh Patra, Phanish Chandrakar, Ashwini Kumar Sahu, Hemant Pandey, Rishabh Sharma, Romibala, Uttam Sharma, Shilpa Verma Rikesh Hu Nalin Belia, and creation was attended by students - students in Chandrakar and large numbers.

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