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The debate competition was organized by the Academy Department


The debate competition was organized by the Academy Department at University campus on topics  "In the opinion of this House, human beings are responsible for natural disasters." In favor of the subject, Tinu Anand, Lukesh and Yogtant Yadav have their thoughts in favor of Hemendra Kumar Yadav, Balram Netam, Sameer Memon, Devraj Nayak, Devraj Nagvanshi, Dev Narayan, Dhananjay and Murari and the subject. All the participants explained the natural disasters in detail, due to natural calamities, loss due to them and the impact of society and measures to control disasters etc. All the participants tried to keep their sides firmly. In the program, Dr. Bhupendra Kumar (Political Science Studies) in charge, while highlighting the objectives and rules of organizing the competition, encouraging the participants said that the overall reading of the subject is necessary for holding a good hold on the subject and presenting it. This type of organizing is helpful in student development of students and increase self-confidence. Pro. Pritam Sahu underlined the importance of the subject in the current perspective while entering the subject. Pro. Garima Diwan congratulated the organizing committee and all the participants for the successful organizing of the competition and thanked them. Successful operation of the program Prof. Girisha Acharya did the job. On this occasion Professor of the University O P Verma, Gokul Prasad Sahu, Supriya Chandrakar, Vimala Sona, Arjun Singh Chauhan, Diksha Chandrakar, Rishabh Sharma, Ashwini Sahu, Bhupendra Devangan, Praveen Kumar Yadav Shilpi Verma were present and Prof. Hemant Pandey, Diamond Sahu and Mrs Uttamma Sharma were in the role of casting.

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