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National Science Day was celebrated by the Dept. of Science & IT - ISBM University Campus


National Science Day was celebrated by the Department of Science and Information Technology in ISBM University Kosmi(Navapara) Chakar District-Gariyaband. The program was started by lighting the lamp and giving a wreath to Ma Saraswati. On this occasion, Prof. O. Verma explained that “National Science Day is celebrated in India on 28 February each year to mark the discovery of the Raman effect by Dr. C. V. Raman” as well he gave an inspirational introduction on Dr. C. V. Raman’s life.Prof. SupriyaChandrakar told the importance of the science of daily life.Prof. GarimaDeewan highlighted the contribution of science to the field of medicine.On this occasion, among the University Students, PoojaSahu spoke on the Raman effect, YaminiTande on Probiotics      , DevadaminiDhruva on the transplantation, PriyankaGoswami gave information on Cancer and Gajendra shared information about chemistry.. On this occasion a questionnaire was organized for the students, in which questions related to science and technology such as “ Which birds fly backwards?, Which snake makes his own nest?, The rocket works on which principle?, Full form of IIT and Who was the father of chemistry? Such interesting questions are answered easily by the students.On this occasion, the University's Dean DrPiyush Mehta highlighted the importance of both the science and the arts, explaining the difference between them.The program was hosted by students YogatYadav and TinnuAnand. The program was successfully concluded under the leadership of Prof. O P Verma, Prof. HemantChandrakar, Prof. Romibala, Prof. Gokul Prasad Sahu and Prof. SupriyaChandrakar. Lalita Thakur and SushmaSahu presented Saraswati Vandanaand Prof. Bhupendra Kumar Sahu from Political Science Department congratulated the organizing committee and expressed gratitude towards it . University Professor Hemant Kumar, Diamond Sahu, Girisha Acharya, VimalaSona, SrishtiChandrakar, BhupeshPatra, FanishChandrakar and Shri Ravinder Singh Librarian were present on this occasion.

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