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National Youth Day is celebrated in ISBM University campus on 12 January on the birthday of Swami Vi


Today, the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda was celebrated as the National Youth Day by the History Department in ISBM University Navapara (Kosami), Chowk, District-Griya Bandh. Student Akash Jain readily took Swami Vivekananda's dress and read Swami Vivekananda's lecture given at the World Religious Conference in Chicago (America). Students also expressed their views on this occasion. Somesh Sahu described Vivekananda as a world spiritual guru, Yamini Tanday considered Vivekananda as a person not considered, Jaanki Bipre described allegiance to Vivekananda's guru. Keshav Dhruv said that Vivekananda has made India different in the world due to its spiritual qualities. Neeraj Nayak compared the younger generation to the air which could make the impossible possible. Manisha Sahu described Vivekananda as Vedanta's philosopher's philosopher, Yogant Yadav believed in Vivekananda's own self as his goal. Sunit Leaderam told that Vivekananda's longing to know God was great, Tinnu Anand said that since 1984, every year since 1984, celebrating the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda is celebrated as National Youth Day. On this occasion, Deputy Registrar of the University, Dept. of Prof. Prof. T.J. Madhusudan encouraged the students involved in the program, accepting spirituality and avoiding superstitions. Dr. Piyush Mehta, Dean of the University, said that young should be from the idea and not from the age, Prof. V. Verma said that the youth is the one who fights the evils. Prof. Diamond Sahu advised students to live a simple life with students - Prof Gokul Prasad Sahu believed that Vivekananda is still alive today who live in our hearts. Chief speaker Prof. Bhupendra Kumar Sahu, Department of Political Science said that Vivekananda, after renouncing the family by fighting against the heterogeneous circumstances, accepted the spirituality and earned fame in the world and gave information about the dhamed years of childhood spent in Chhattisgarh of Vivekananda. Welfare Speech and Love Chandrachar thanked the Chakradari. The program was launched by lighting the lamp and offering a wreath to Swami Vivekananda. The program was conducted by the student Sam Saivvanshi. On this occasion, Professor of the University Mrs. Piyali Chatterjee, Law Department, Dr.Garima Diwan and Prof. Phanish Chandrakar, Department of English, Ms. Supriya Chandrakar, Department of Botany, Ms. Girisha Acharya and Prof. Bhupesh Patra, Computer Department, Smt. Romibala Mathematical Department, Prof. Hemant Chandrakar Chemicals Department, and Ms. Vimala Sona and Pro Hemant Verma Library Department were present. Kamini Nagesh, Tulsi Thakur and Khileshvari Dhruv presented Saraswati Vandana and welcome songs.

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