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MDP on Finance For Non-Finance Executives

Operating managers, in order to be effective and result oriented should be finance savvy, able to understand and present, drive and measure business plans in terms of financial figures and communicate in a common 'business language' through financial figures. Introductory programme on finance can be instrumental to enhance the profile of operating managers. 

Finance cuts across levels and businesses and has unifying influence. Further, operating managers need to be equipped with a financial decision making tool kit which helps them to identify businesses to get into, take pricing decisions, decide on the product mix, identify areas for cost reduction and take a make or buy decisions. This program aims to meet the requirements of operating managers in different functional areas who would like to be well versed with the introductory nuances of finance.


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  • Understanding and Analysis of Financial Statements

– Balance Sheet

– Profit and Loss Statement

– Cash Flow Statement

– Use of Financial Ratios as Key indicators

  •  Cost information for Problem Solving and Decision-Making– Types of Cost

 – Understanding of Cost Behaviour

 – Establishing Break- Even Levels

 – Using Costing for Product Pricing

  • Evaluation of Investment Projects

– Project Cash Flows : Estimation

– Techniques of Evaluation

– Time Value of Money  

  • Management of Working Capital

 – Estimation of Working Capital Needs

 – Working Capital Cycle

  • Contemporary Finance

 – Financial Markets and Instruments

 – Tax Planning

 – Global Financial Governance

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