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Master of Computer Applications (MCA)

Masters of Computer Applications is a three year program offered at ISBM University. The vision of imparting excellent higher education is transformed into reality at ISBM University by building up a focused and relaxed a conducive academic atmosphere on its campus. In this section, you will find relevant MCA course information & details that students often look for.

The major thrust is on giving the students a sound background in computing, business functioning and mathematics relevant to information technology. The laboratories, besides supplementing the theory course would also expose the student to the use of the latest software tools.

Level:Post Graduate (PG)

Duration:3 Years

Eligibility Criteria:Graduation

Structure:Annual / Semester

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Semester 1
Program code Main Common Subject Credits
MCA11 Mathematics 4
MCA12 Data Structure 4
MCA13 Programming in C 4
MCA14 Financial Accounting 4
MCA15 P Practical-C Programming 1
MCA16 P Practical-Data Structure 1
Semester 2
Program code Main Common Subject Credits
MCA21 Discrete Mathematics 4
MCA22 Database Management System 4
MCA23 OOPS With C++ 4
MCA24 Computer Organization And Architecture 4
MCA25 P Practical-Database Management System 1
MCA26 P Practical-OOPS C++ 1
Semester 3
Program code Main Common Subject Credits
MCA31 Data Communication 4
MCA32 Advanced Computer Graphics 4
MCA33 Advanced Operating System 4
MCA34 Unix And Shell Programming 4
MCA35 P Unix Practical 1
MCA36 P Practical-Operating System 1
Semester 4
Program code Main Common Subject Credits
MCA41 Advanced Software Engineering 4
MCA42 Analysis And Design of Algorithm 4
MCA43 Advanced Java Programming 4
MCA45 P Practical-RDBMS 1
MCA46 P Practical-Advanced Java Programming 1
Semester 5
Program code Main Common Subject Credits
MCA51 Advanced Computer Network and Security 4
MCA52 Internet Programming and Web Designing 4
MCA53 Data Warehousing and Data Mining 4
MCA54 Elective-1 4
MCA55 P Advanced Computer Network and Security Lab 1
MCA56 P Web Designing/Internet Practical 1
Semester 6
Program code Main Common Subject Credits
MCA61 Advanced MIS and E-commerce 4
MCA62 Elective-2 4
MCA63 Elective-3 4
MCA64 Project Work 6

Total Credits: 132



Elective 1
Main Common Subject Credits
Compiler Design 4
Mobile Computing and Communication 4
Simulation and Modeling 4
Elective 1
Main Common Subject Credits
Pattern Recognition 4
Operations Research 4
Advanced Computer Architecture 4
Elective 1
Main Common Subject Credits
Client Server Architecture 4
Artificial Intelligence 4
Network Management 4

  • To provide complete professional grooming essential to secure a career in the IT industry.
  • To enable students with skills required to work in small as well as big IT industries in the role of system developer and various other profiles.
  • After pursuing MCA, students are eligible to become teachers/lecturers both in private as well as public sector colleges/universities.

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