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About Alpha Foundation

Alpha Foundation

Alpha Foundation strongly believes in every child’s right to the public or publicly funded education of good quality. Alpha Foundation recognizes and cherishes the critical role played by principals, other school leaders and their schools in providing education services to the communities in which they operate. School leaders, in particular, are strategically positioned to ensure that their schools provide quality education by creating conditions for effective teaching and learning in their institutions.

Alpha Foundation focuses on helping the needy, downtrodden, disabled and unprivileged students by organizing various educational camps including career awareness camps, vocational courses, health-related camps for them.

Health Awareness Camp
The Alpha Foundation focuses on needy, oppressed, disabled and unprivileged students, organizes various educational camps, including career awareness camps

Women Empowerment

Alpha Foundation lays equal emphasis on women empowerment to upgrade their basic rights like health, education, employment and a respectable status in society.

Leadership Training
Alpha Foundation lays emphasis on the overall development of their youth. There is an emphasis on daily Exercise, Yoga and Other health care practices. Sports activities are promoted, as they keep the students fit. There are indoor and outdoor games provisions. Other extracurricular activities are also focused like music, dance, painting, art &craft, handicrafts, soft skills for developing confidence and other vocational training programs to allow students to get more employment opportunities, personality development of the learners.

Girls Protection
Girl protection is very important as girl plays a very important role in the social development of the nation. Alpha Foundation, through its educational and other programs, is playing a crucial role in the social and economic growth of the nation.

Research & Development
Alpha Foundation focuses on the all-round development of the learners including all areas of their social, emotional, and moral development. The foundation strives to build good interpersonal relations with the students to develop a positive outlook in the learners and motivate them to have good moral conduct.

Child Health Care
Alpha Foundation works towards child Education, Health and Moral and intellectual development of the learners. Alpha Foundation promotes health programs having both preventive and curative sides.


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